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A little background of how our story came to be.

Our youngest son was diving in the waves on the beautiful shoreline of the Outer Banks of North Carolina when a wave formed and knocked him over. His goggles were now on top of his head and he was sandy.  Upset, he walked closer to me and my wife. In frustration, he threw the goggles off his head and into the waves. The goggles disappeared. We thought the goggles were lost to the sea. To cheer him up, we discussed what sea creatures might possibly find and even wear his goggles. Moments later, to our delight, our oldest son who was boogie boarding 30 yards away, stepped on the goggles and yelled to Gavin that he had found his lost goggles. The smile returned and he ran to get them.

This is where our story begins.

Gavin is swimming in the ocean and a wave forms and knocks his goggles off of his head. The goggles slowly fall to the Ocean floor and moves around with each passing wave. The goggles meet new and exciting sea creatures and are taken for a wild journey through the ocean seeming to take on a life of their own as they meet new friends who work together to try to return a little boy’s goggles.
What creatures do the goggles meet along the way?
Are the sea creatures successful in their effort to return Gavin’s goggles?
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Come along and enjoy the journey of Gavin’s Goggles today.


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