Our characters’ true identities


Our storybook characters all have true identities and have been transformed into Ocean animals on a fun little adventure to help return a boy’s lost Scuba Mask otherwise known as goggles.
The story’s characters are based off of my two son’s, Drew and Gavin and our family dog Sophie. As well as my 4 nieces and nephews, Owen, Elizabeth, Bella and Gabe.

gavin sketch
Gavin is a 6yr old first grader who loves math, Tom and Jerry, kittens and Setzer.

drew sketch
Drew is an 11yr old 6th grader who loves soccer, planes, fast cars and cats

owen sketch

Owen is a 12yr old 7th grader who loves God, family, “Monkey” and video games

Elizabeth is an 11yr old 6th grader who loves art, cooking, boys and her friends

bella sketch

Bella is an 8yr old 3rd grader who loves soccer, family, giraffes and her swim team

gabe sketch

Gabe is a 5yr old preschooler who loves puppies, the beach, the pool and playing

sophie sketch

Sophie is our family dog who is always greeting us with a smile, a wagging tail and plenty of energy ready to play. She loves bringing things to us to throw for her over and over again.

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