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  1. 2021 Spring into Summer Coloring Contes
  2. 2020 Coloring contest is underway.  To enter, go to https://gavinsgoggles.com/fall-2020-coloring-contest/
  3. 9-17-2020 We have updated out T-shirt, Pencils and Sticker pages.  Come see!
  4. Take the poll, let’s find out what our first giveaway of 2020 will be:  https://gavinsgoggles.com/2020-spring-contest/
  5. 2020…..our first deal of the year….Gavin’s Goggles price drop to $7.99 this Saturday
  6. 2019’s first contest!! https://gavinsgoggles.com/?contest=2019-contest-1
  7. We now have them…..Gavin’s Goggles Stickers. Get your sticker/s for just $2.75 This oval shaped 4×6 sticker looks fantastic!
  8. Congratulations to our winners from the 2018 Gavin’s Goggles Great Summer Giveaway!!
  9. We have done it!! We have gotten our book into the Virginia Aquarium and Science Center in Va Beach!!
  10. Gavin’s Goggles pencils are now here!  http://gavinsgoggles.com/pencils/
  11. Christmas Specials!!  Buy a T-shirt and get a printed copy of Gavin’s Goggles *FREE*  click here
  12. We tallied our numbers and we were able to donate $$134.00 to the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank this year!  Thank you for purchasing our items!
  13. We have re-launched our children’s coloring contest.  Kids get out your crayons and paint and send us your best pics to Gavin’s Goggles email
  14. Gavin’s Goggles has Donated $20 to the City of Houston TX.  We are very thankful to our newest purchasers who have helped in relief efforts of this great city!
  15. The Gavin’s Goggles Gang will be helping out in the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims.  We will be donating $2 for each book and/or T-Shirt sold between now and the end of the month and Lightner Enterprises will be matching that $$ amount.  Our goal is 100 books in the next 24 days so SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!
  16. ANOTHER book signing…..Sunday June 11 2017 from 1-330 at The Gallery at York Hall in Yorktown, Va  come and see us and buy a book  Support the Military with a Military salute for Appreciation at the Waterman’s Museum.  We will also be raffling off a NEW T-Shirt (ur choice, size and color), a FREE book and a $gift card.  YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!
  17. Our next book signing…..Sunday June 4 2017 from 1-330 at The Gallery at York Hall in Yorktown, Va  come and see us and buy a book!
  18. Our newest page http://gavinsgoggles.com/friends-of-gavins-goggles/ is here.  Children enjoying Gavin’s Goggles.
  19. Gavin’s Goggles T-Shirts are now here!! Click here to order.
  20. Something fun and exciting is coming to Gavin’s Goggles.  Time for a cool new promo!  Be ready to wear it!!
  21. April 3-5.  Gavin’s Goggles great big book giveaway is currently underway!  This week only.  If you can guess where the Gavin’s Goggles Gang is by looking at the pics we post, you will get a free book.  This giveaway is only available to instagram and twitter followers.  You must go to twitter and instagram and follow us.  The first five users on each social media site will win a signed copy of #gavinsgoggles be ready, the first picture gets posted at 6pm EDT
  22. 2017 is officially upon us!

Gavin’s Goggles is no longer on sale.  Come on in and get your copy today.
Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your local School teachers and librarians! Gavin’s Goggles is back at its cover price of $9.99.

Get your copy TODAY for $9.99 plus tax (in state) plus $5 for shipping.
We have added a special bonus to ALL sales from now until Thanksgiving 2017, we are giving 20% of our total sales to our local Foodbank, Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. With your purchases, we can all help someone in need at a time when it is needed.
Don’t forget, Gavin’s Goggles is perfect for your 2nd-4th grader and has been in all 10 of our local elementary schools since the Spring of 2016! If it’s been approved in our school system, it can and will be approved for everyone’s (well, it should be anyway)!

Help spread the word and Buy your copy TODAY AT http://gavinsgoggles.com/buy-gavins-goggles/

Thank you,
The Gavin’s Goggles Gang

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